Held Hostage by Ransomware: One City’s Story

Jun 10, 2020
57 Min

Title: Held Hostage by Ransomware: One City’s Story

Presenters: Stephen Schommer, CISO, City of Sammamish & Shelly Tzoumas, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Mandiant

Date: On-Demand


In the security community, stories are how we warn, educate and inform one another, if only so others will learn from and avoid the same mistakes. Because ransomware has seen such a resurgence in recent years, almost everyone has a ransomware story to tell, but very few are willing to share details about their trials so that others might be more fortunate.

Join Stephen Schommer from the City of Sammamish, Washington as he recounts past ransomware experiences, and provides insights and advice to better prepare for and navigate this all-too-common cyber security horror story. Attendees can ask questions after the presentation.

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