How to Make Threat Intelligence Actionable

May 25, 2021
50 Min
Threat Intelligence
Security Operations/SOC

Title: How to Make Threat Intelligence Actionable

Presenters: Mike Armistead, Senior Vice President of Mandiant Advantage Products; Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO, TAG Cyber.

Event Details: On-Demand


Automate and Simplify the SOC.

Organizations need every advantage they can get to protect their people, critical systems and data from constantly evolving threats. Their best starting point is to understand the adversaries and types of threats likely to target their infrastructure and design a security program to match their capabilities.

Threat Intelligence is critical here, and defenders must learn to use all available information to measure the effectiveness of existing security infrastructure and automatically apply intelligence to detection and response.

Join Mike Armistead, Senior Vice President of Mandiant Advantage Products, with Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber, discussing Dr. Amoroso’s report, The Role of Threat Intelligence in Continuous Validation and Monitoring.

They’ll cover how threat intelligence should be operationalized to:

  • Validate that security controls can effectively prevent and detect attacks
  • Monitor for digital threats actively targeting your industry or organization
  • Inform business stakeholders of critical organizational risk.

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