How to Use Threat Intelligence to Mitigate Third Party Risk

Jul 08, 2023

Title: How to Use Threat Intelligence to Mitigate Third Party Risk

Presenters: Christopher Crowley & Greg Kapourellos.

Date and Time: On-Demand


Threat intelligence provides security teams with insights into the kinds of attacks that may target their organizations and prioritize their security activities. But what if the risk is coming from third-party partners and systems? In this webinar, experts discuss how security teams can use available threat intelligence to identify third-party risk and work with partners to mitigate them. Learn how to decide what to collect and how to correlate the information with internal data sources and those belonging to partners and suppliers to get the proper view of the threats. Walk away with practical tips on how to use threat intelligence to work with suppliers as part of an overall security strategy.

During this webinar you will:

  • Pinpoint data streams most valuable for threat intelligence gathering.
  • Identify data that can help identify potential third-party exposure.
  • Get professional tips on how to work with suppliers to mitigate cybersecurity risk.

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