Identify & Defend Against Rare INCONTROLLER Industrial Controls Attack Tools

Apr 14, 2022
59 Min

Title: Identify & Defend Against Rare INCONTROLLER Industrial Controls Attack Tools 

Presenters: Rob Caldwell, Director Consulting, ICS; Daniel Kapellmann Zafra, Senior Manager, Analysis

Time: On-Demand


In conjunction with the Mandiant report published on April 13th, our experts share the detailed findings from research conducted on INCONTROLLER. This set of attack tools were built to target machine automation devices and allow attackers to shut down, reprogram, or disable industrial control systems.

This briefing will cover:

  • An overview of the INCONTROLLER attack tools, their capabilities against a variety of different ICS devices using industrial network protocols
  • Our assessment of the threat these tools present, the targeting and TTPs to watch for from notable threat clusters
  • Mandiant findings and recommendations, including a range of mitigations, discovery methods, and hunting tools to help organizations identify and defend against INCONTROLLER

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