Intel-Led Security Validation: A Strategy to Prove & Communicate Competency

Apr 14, 2021
56 Min

Title: Intel-Led Security Validation: A Strategy to Prove & Communicate Competency

Presenters: Colby M. DeRodeff, Chief Technology Officer, Mandiant Advantage; Rob Potter, VP of Validation Customer Success, Mandiant



Intelligence-Led Security Validation: A Strategy to Prove & Communicate Competency

Today we are seeing some of the most aggressive and sophisticated adversary attacks ever recorded. To ensure the health of your organization’s security infrastructure, it’s vital to validate the efficacy of security defenses with the use of authentic and relevant content based on active threat intelligence. Intelligence-led security validation enables you to quantify your risk, prioritize resources and prove competency. The result is the ability to strengthen and maintain your cyber stance against today’s evolving and aggressive adversary landscape.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn that testing or validation technology is not enough—The steps required for an effective security validation strategy include the use of authentic and active threat intelligence, and why the emulation of real attacks, rather than attack simulation, is critical
  • Gain insights into how threat intelligence informs security validation efforts by identifying the threat actors that are most likely targeting your organization
  • Understand how continuous validation can prove security effectiveness and operational competency—Ultimately, assuring security infrastructure health, identifying areas for optimization, and reducing risk exposure.

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