Learn how a Big Picture Viewpoint Helps Uncover Operational Technology Threats

Jul 12, 2022
53 Min

Title: Big Picture Viewpoint Helps Uncover Operational Technology Threats

Presenters: Daniel Kapellmann Zafra, Sr. Analysis Manager for Cyber Physical Threat Intelligence

Time: On-Demand


In recent years, Mandiant has observed a significant increase in threat activity within the OT/ICS space targeting industrial and critical infrastructure organizations - threats that have the potential to impact production and safety measures.

Register today, as we continue to observe actors targeting OT in different ways—ranging from opportunistic actors to ransomware operators and even nation-state sponsored groups —our ability to acquire valuable data increases and enables a holistic view of the threat landscape.

Key topics will include:

  • how through enhanced visibility into diverse data sources, we can help identify threat actor activity during the early stages of the attack lifecycle
  • prevent threat actors from reaching production systems.

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