Mandiant Intelligence Briefing: Stories Directly From The Frontline

Nov 18, 2021
30 Min
Intelligence Briefings
Threat Intelligence

Title: Shut the Front Door: Analyzing VPN Vulnerability Exploits

Presenters: Andrew Kopcienski, Senior Analyst, Mandiant Intelligence for Executives


Today’s business environment has quickly evolved to become a mostly remote workforce, almost overnight. In 2020 alone, 88% of organizations migrated employees to work-from-home agreements. While pivoting to a remote workforce enables operational continuity, it doesn’t come without added risk. Join Sr. Intel Analyst, Andrew Kopcienski as he examines VPN as a rising attack vector, the associated vulnerabilities and considerations to better protect your organization’s network.

In this session he’ll also cover:

  • The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on VPN vulnerability targeting
  • The disparate actor groups most likely to target VPN vulnerabilities
  • How to prioritize securing your organizations against VPN CVE’s 

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