Mandiant on a Mission: Frontline Conversations on Security Validation

Nov 17, 2021
27 Min
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Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Title: Mandiant on a Mission - Frontline Conversations on Security Validation

Presenters: Sandra Joyce, EVP, Mandiant Threat Intel; Allen Rountree, Cybersecurity Executive; Josh Bass, Dir., Product Mgmt., Mandiant


Increase Cybersecurity Preparedness with Security Validation With ransomware and supply chain attacks peppering the news these days, the threat of cyberattacks is a top security concern for organizations. CISOs bear the pressure of proving that the cybersecurity defenses they have in place will successfully defend against adversary threats and protect critical systems. Watch this Mandiant expert Q&A panel discussion to learn how security validation can increase your cybersecurity preparedness. The discussion features cybersecurity industry executive, Allen Roundtree, who is a leader and early adopter of security validation as an authentic and continuous approach to testing security controls. He shares how he has achieved security effectiveness through the validation process and the positive impacts on his security team, customers and executive stakeholders.

Our experts also discuss:

  • Success criteria to optimize cyber defenses
  • Comparison of security validation with other testing methods
  • Outcomes and achievements that security teams can realize with the use of security validation
  • Operationalizing threat intelligence to optimize validation results

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