Mandiant Presents - Security Predictions for 2022

Nov 09, 2021
58 Min

Title: Mandiant Presents - Security Predictions for 2022

Presenters: Andrew Kopcienski, Senior Analyst, Mandiant Intelligence for Executives



This past year, front page news reported what seemed to be one ransomware attack or breach after another, at an accelerated pace. Threat actors continue to evolve, putting tremendous pressure on security teams to identify attackers, TTPs, all the while managing their resources to ensure they aren’t victimized by the latest cyber schemes.

Now more than ever, it’s essential for organizations to better prepare for what’s to come to ensure they aren’t the next news headline.

Join us at the BrightTalk Threatscape 2022 Summit on November 8th for a webinar featuring Mandiant expert, Andrew Kopcienski. He will share insights from our upcoming report, Security Predictions for 2022, to give you a glimpse into what you can expect in the new year.

Highlights include:

  • Ransomware, Multifaceted Extortion and the negative consequences for organizations
  • An outlook on the Big Four: Russia, Iran, China and North Korea
  • How the events in Afghanistan trigger espionage and information operations
  • Expanding attack surfaces: IOT and Cloud
  • How cyber outsourcing can increase velocity and impact of malicious operations
  • Supply chain threats and mitigating the associated risks

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