Mandiant Tales from the Trenches | M&A Security Due Diligence

May 11, 2022
51 Min

Title: Mandiant Tales from the Trenches | M&A Security Due Diligence

Presenters: Josh Iroko, Principal Consultant, Mandiant; Dave Pany, Senior Manager, Mandiant

Date: On-Demand


Organizations pursue mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to develop strategic business advantages. As part of their due diligence, companies investigate the potential business impact and risks from the merger or acquisition in several areas, including financial, legal and intellectual property. But they don’t always fully explore the consequences of combining the cyber security practices and technologies of two different organizations.

Join Mandiant consultants as they discuss why organizations going through a merger & acquisition need to identify priorities and asses vulnerabilities and security gaps. Our experts will share real life examples of how organizations we work with have done just that, allowing them to:

  1. Drive greater accuracy in the value of an acquisition by taking business and security risks into account before closing a deal
  2. Review active and dormant risks that can threaten the acquiring brand's reputation and trust if left undetected
  3. Define an integration strategy for disparate environments that is safe, efficient, and cost effective

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