Modern Cyber Risk Management for Better Decision Making

Apr 11, 2021
42 Min

Most C-suite leaders believe their investment decisions in security risk management is not keeping up with the new and heightened levels of cyber risks. This is often due to their use of the decade old, top-down approach in leveraging risk models, which leaves gaps between attacker and defender behaviors.

Transformation of your risk management processes, plus the people behind them, can solve for this.

Aligning your organization’s security efforts with the risk appetite of data owners and business leaders must become a priority.

This webinar spotlights a transformational model that operationalizes security risk management to improve and optimize decision making by:

  • Identifying challenges in your current cyber risk management program
  • Establishing a modern cyber risk management strategy
  • Shifting the players and processes involved in your cybersecurity decision support
  • Integrating risk management priorities across the entire security function
  • Monitoring progress with the right kind of security metrics

Join Matt Keane, Principal Consultant at FireEye Mandiant, for his expertise on transforming your security risk management approach by bridging the gap between vital security teams and improving their decision making.

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