Navigating MAZE: Analysis of a Rising Ransomware Threat

May 21, 2020
57 Min

Title: Navigating MAZE: Analysis of a Rising Ransomware Threat

Presenters: Kimberly Goody, Sr. Manager, Mandiant Threat Intelligence & Jeremy Kennelly, Manager, Mandiant Threat Intelligence



The MAZE family of ransomware has been actively distributed by threat actors since at least May 2019. Starting in November 2019, Mandiant Threat Intelligence observed MAZE operators begin to combine traditional ransomware attacks with corresponding data theft and extortion demands. Today, the actors behind the MAZE operation now maintain a public-facing website where they post data stolen from victims who refuse to pay their extortion fee.

Join Mandiant Threat Intelligence for a deep dive into the MAZE ransomware operation, including details shared by impacted organizations, and insight into the tactics, techniques and procedures used throughout these prolific and damaging attacks.

In this exclusive webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Common intrusion vectors across MAZE ransomware incidents
  • Actors’ reliance upon open-source and commercially available attack tools
  • Data exfiltration techniques present across most MAZE ransomware incidents

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