Next-Generation Insider Risk Management

Nov 01, 2023
60 MIN

Title: Next-Generation Insider Risk Management

Presenters: Shawn Thompson - Senior Manager, Global Insider Risk Services, Mandiant

Date and Time: On-Demand


The presentation seeks to explore the transformation of cybersecurity methodologies in the face of an evolving digital world. In the context of the Canadian financial sector, this has included regulatory guidance and a focus on managing insider threats.

The essence of this shift is the focus on Insider Risk Management (IRM). Insider risks - whether unintentional or intentional - pose a significant threat to organizations. The discussion will examine how insider threats have evolved and how they now require NextGen methodologies and tools to properly mitigate and manage.

By exploring various case studies of significant insider threat incidents, the presentation aims to underscore the critical importance of IRM and its role in a holistic cybersecurity strategy.

Join Mandiant, now part of Google Cloud to understand:

  • Strategies for leaders to meet regulatory guidance and drive this change
  • Fostering a culture of cybersecurity resilience within their organizations.

Shawn Thompson is currently the Senior Manager, Global Insider Risk Services at Mandiant.

He possesses over 20 years’ experience investigating, prosecuting, and managing insider risk and is widely recognized for his unique blend of expertise and experience. Prior to joining Mandiant, he served as CEO of ITMG, a leading insider risk management consulting firm. He is a former AUSA, DoD Special Agent, Assistant General Counsel, and senior government official who held executive positions with the FBI, NSA, DOJ, and DNI. He is a pioneer in the field of insider risk management, serving as a frequent guest speaker and thought leader on a variety of security and risk management topics. He is the author of three books on insider risk management and a member of the Maryland Bar.

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