Perpsecitve on Iranian Attacks & Practical Mitigations

Jan 13, 2021
49 Min

FireEye's Perspective on Iranian Attacks and Practical Mitigations

Make Better-Informed Decisions and Protect Your Organization

The recent tension between Iran and the U.S. has increased the likelihood of Iranian action against U.S. and Gulf entities. While the exact nature, timing, and targets of any response from Iran is uncertain, FireEye Threat Intelligence analysts assess with moderate confidence that it will include a cyber component.

Watch this complimentary on-demand webinar, as Ben Read, Sr. Manager, Cyber Espionage Analysis provides:

  • An overview of FireEye’s perspective on the current threat landscape from Iran
  • Tactics recently employed by Iranian groups like APT33, APT34 and others
  • Recommended mitigations to protect your organization from these groups

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