Proactive Solutions to Stop Modern Ransomware for Gaming Industry

Jun 05, 2021

Title: Proactive Solutions to Stop Modern Ransomware for Gaming Industry

Presenters: Yihao Lim, Principal Intelligence Enablement Consultant, APAC; Vivek Chudgar - Vice President, APAC – Mandiant.

Event Details: On-Demand


Gaming industry that handles large amounts of money and personally identifiable information (PII) is always one of the favored targets for cyber criminals, who will go to great lengths to compromise your systems or data. Recent ransomware attack impacting pokies and hotel bookings system in Tasmania’s casinos is one of the examples of being the target for cyber criminals. The attack has disrupted casinos operations for 10 days and also impacted hotel check-in services.

With Ransomware deployments dominating headlines, senior IT and business leaders are increasingly aware that some of their existing defense strategies are no longer working.

To counteract these fast-evolving attacks, FireEye Mandiant are dedicated to improving your Ransomware defenses. Mandiant experts will offer insight into the latest threat landscape for gaming industry and suggestion to mitigate the risk environment.

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