Proactive Solutions to Stop Modern Ransomware in its Tracks

Jun 09, 2020
57 Min

Ransomware is one of the most active and profound cyber threats facing organizations today. Years after Wannacry attacks shuttered businesses across the globe, stealthy ransomware infections continuously dominate headlines and board discussions. Attackers have developed advanced techniques that now require organizations to apply a holistic security risk mitigation strategy from the C-suite to practitioners.

This webinar brings together Mandiant incident response, threat intelligence and managed detection and response experts to discuss strategic and tactical solutions that will help your organization:

  • Learn modern ransomware trends and attacker behaviors observed on the frontlines
  • Realize why proactive assessment is critical when preparing for and preventing ransomware
  • Understand how threat intelligence, hunting, and response provides the decision support and detection needed to outmaneuver ransomware actors
  • Implement effective mitigation strategies to stop ransomware attackers in their tracks

Register today to join Nader Zaveri – Incident Response Manager, Matt Bromiley – Managed Defense Principal Consultant, and Kimberly Goody – Threat Intelligence Senior Manager, as they provide expert insights on modern-day ransomware attacks and how best to mitigate them.

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