Ransomware: 5 Steps To Protect against it

Aug 11, 2021
63 Min

Title: Ransomware: 5 Steps To Protect against it

Presenters: Rich Reece and David Pany

Date: On-Demand


In our last webcast, we discussed the true impact of Ransomware attacks by analyzing Mandiant Intelligence to understand where and how it is a growing threat. We also discussed ways in which your organization can take proactive measures to prevent these attacks. But what happens if your organization believes it may have been hit with a Ransomware attack?

In this follow up webcast, we will outline 5 essential steps and best practices that all organizations should take to ensure adequate protections against an already prevalent and growing number of Ransomware attacks.

Join our Mandiant experts as they discuss:

  1. The essential requirements to protect against Ransomware attacks today
  2. 5 baseline steps that can be taken to proactively defend against Ransomware
  3. The practices that most organizations are missing that can help circumvent Ransomware threats

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