Ransomware: What Emulating Ransomware Groups Shows About Your Defenses

Mar 18, 2021
60 Min

Title: Ransomware: What Emulating Ransomware Groups Shows About Your Defenses

Presenters: David Grout, CTO EMEA, Jay Christiansen, Principal Consultant, Red Team Operations, Mandiant Consulting

Event Details: On-Demand


One of the hardest questions to answer for any organization is “Could we actually detect a ransomware attack before it’s too late?” With attacker sophistication increasing all the time, there is no guarantee that the policies and plans of yesteryear will still work, nor that the products and automated detections will get there in time.

The only way to know for sure is to learn from the worst and carry out a sophisticated cyber-attack wearing the mask of a ransomware group attacker. Using the unmatched Threat Intel, the FireEye Mandiant Red Team have been able to conduct such engagements using the tools and techniques of the world’s leading ransomware threat actors and find those spaces between the defensive dream and risk-filled reality that could cost you dearly.

In this session, our experts reveal some of the results from these engagements which can be adopted into your ongoing security program.

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