Rethink Cyber Defense Strategies by Starting with Threats

Jun 09, 2020
44 Min

Many organizations define cyber defense strategies based on fears or fines: decisions makers are often influenced by the latest news headline or the next audit.

Today, threat intelligence content levels have evolved to reach new readers or enable innovative use cases. Consequently, threat intelligence can inform how you optimize cyber strategies, from essential high-quality detection to alert investigation and the reduction of enterprise threat surfaces.

In this session, Peter Watts, threat intelligence veteran and former Director for Cybersecurity Policy, National Security Council lays out:

  • A modern definition of threat intelligence with important milestones
  • How to recognize and develop critical success factors for producing or consuming threat intelligence
  • The impact of actionable threat intelligence on security risk leaders and their organizations
  • Future use cases that may reshape how we think about cyber defense and business value

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