The Role of the General Counsel in Cyber Security Decision-Making

May 01, 2019
17 Min

Title: The Role of the General Counsel in Cyber Security Decision-Making

Presenters: Alexa King, EVP & General Counsel, FireEye; Karen Kukoda, Sr. Strategic Alliance Director, FireEye

Date: On-Demand


Long gone are the days when a single individual or team – whether IT not – would oversee cyber security at an enterprise. Savvy business leaders know that security is the responsibility of everyone, from the entry-level staffer on up to the board, and that a knowledgeable and prepared executive team can mean the difference between a minor incident and a major breach.

One of the most important decision-makers when it comes to cyber security is the General Counsel (GC). No one knows this better than Alexa King, EVP and General Counsel at FireEye. In this video, Alexa sits down with Karen Kukoda, FireEye Senior Director of Strategic Alliances, to discuss not only the role the GC plays in cyber security, but also the duties of the board of directors in overseeing cyber security.

Watch the video to learn about all of this and more:

  • How cyber risk has evolved and how we need to start thinking about it
  • Preventative measures GC should take and how they can educate their teams
  • Incident response planning and preparedness
  • How to include cyber risk partners to complement your team’s security strategy

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