The Sample: RC4 the Hard Way, a Tale of WHITEDAGGERS

Sep 30, 2022
45 Min

Title: The Sample: RC4 the Hard Way, a Tale of WHITEDAGGERS

Presenters: Blaine Stancill, Principal Reverse Engineer, Research & Engineering - Mandiant Advantage Labs

Time: On-Demand


In The Sample FLARE analysts present stories of notable malware samples they have reverse engineered. The FLARE team studies hundreds of malware samples each month and here they share highlights of real-world malware and analysis techniques. These talks aim to educate and entertain technical and non-technical attendees alike.

Register Now to join Blaine Stancill of the FLARE team as he explains the inner workings of a dropper from the WHITEDAGGER malware family. This talk covers:

  • WHITEDAGGER’s unusual way of implementing the common RC4 encryption algorithm.
  • An easier method for implementing the encryption algorithm.
  • How to hunt for additional WHITEDAGGER samples.
  • An overview of infection chains stemming from WHITEDAGGER.

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