SEC Cybersecurity Rule Compliance Through Effective Disclosure Controls

Oct 31, 2023
60 MIN

Title: SEC Cybersecurity Rule Compliance Through Effective Disclosure Controls

Presenters: Dan Wire, Head, Crisis Communications l Jill Tyson, Lead, Crisis Communications l Rick Borden, Cybersecurity Privacy Partner

Date and Time: On-Demand


This webinar will provide an overview of how a comprehensive cyber crisis communications plan and formal disclosure controls are essential to complying with the SEC's new cybersecurity disclosure rule. During the webinar, our panel of cyber security crisis communications and legal experts will cover:

  1. How disclosure controls are essential to determining materiality and timely, and accurately, reporting during a cyber event
  2. What types of disclosure controls are necessary in the cyber domain and how they impact the materiality determination during an investigation
  3. How to accelerate your cyber crisis communications response strategy by aligning with cyber specific disclosure controls
  4. The importance of message discipline when responding to a cyber event, now and after the rule comes into effect

This webinar is essential for all U.S public companies responsible for cybersecurity legal compliance and crisis communications and planning.

By attending, you will learn how to properly disclose a cybersecurity incident and how to annually disclose your organization’s processes for assessing and managing your cybersecurity governance and risks.

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