Secure Access Service Edge - The Convergence of Security & Network Architectures

Oct 28, 2020
48 Min

Title: Secure Access Service Edge - The Convergence of Security & Network Architectures

Presenters: David Batty, Principal Engineer, FireEye; Paul Martini, iboss’ CEO, CTO, and Chief Architect

Date: On-Demand


The traditional network perimeter has eroded while end users and devices are accessing cloud applications remotely, from virtually any location. To complicate matters further, users need access to applications that exist in public cloud destinations as well as resources that reside within private cloud networks, increasing the challenge to secure connectivity. To better protect the evolving cloud environment, users need a multi-vector defense solution.

The iboss + FireEye Cloud Network Security provides advanced threat protection and data breach prevention in the cloud regardless of the end user’s location or form factor (desktop, laptop, tablet, server, IoT, and other mobile devices). Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Cloud Security that Enables Work from Anywhere: Designed for a world where virtually everyone is mobile, the iboss + FireEye Cloud Network Security solution provides direct-to-cloud secure connectivity to all applications regardless of user location to enable security administrators to easily protect their end traffic, users, devices, networks, assets, data
  • Detects Threats Others Miss: FireEye intelligence-driven Multi-Vector Execution (MVX) paired with iboss Malware Defense and analysis provide state of the art, signatureless detection and protection against a variety of threats, including advanced attacks and zero-days that other solutions miss
  • Alerts That Matter: Utilize intelligence earned from the frontlines of the world’s biggest breaches, receiving high-fidelity alerts when it matters most

Stay with us after the webinar for a live Q&A session with our experts.

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