Solidify Cyber Readiness with Threat Intelligence

Sep 29, 2022
29 Min

Title: Solidify Cyber Readiness with Threat Intelligence

Presenters: John Hultquist, VP, Mandiant Threat Intelligence



“It’s not IF you get breached, it’s when,” making it all the more critical for organizations to have the solutions in place to ensure cyber readiness. Threat intelligence is a vital component in protecting organizations from innovative attackers and their evolving TTPs, enabling security practitioners to gain visibility into the threats that matter to their business.

Join us for a conversation between experts, with John Hultquist, VP, Mandiant Threat Intelligence, and guest, Ian Thompson, Head of the Cyber Intelligence team within BP Digital Security. Ian will share how BP leans on threat intelligence to provide his security team with the visibility needed to better defend against threats and proactively solidify response readiness on a global scale. Our experts will also cover:

  • How to build a resilient cyber security program leveraging operationalized threat intelligence
  • BP’s response to multinational threats including the Iran Missile Strike and the Colonial Pipeline
  • Key considerations in identifying gaps and reducing risk

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