Spooky RYUKy 3: The Final Chapter

Oct 21, 2021
39 Min
Financial Threat Groups (FIN Groups)
Threat Intelligence
Spooky RYUKy 3: The Final Chapter

Title: Spooky RYUKy 3: The Final Chapter

Presenters: Van Ta, Principal Analyst; Joshua Shilko, Principal Analyst; Zach Riddle, Sr. Analyst; Aaron Stephens, Principal Analyst

Mandiant recently exposed the operations of FIN12, a financially motivated threat group specializing in the post-compromise deployment of ransomware, primarily RYUK, which we will discuss extensively in our upcoming webinar: Spooky RYUKy 3: The FINal Chapter.  During this session a team of Mandiant Analysts will detail: 

  • The evolution of FIN12, the most prolific user of RYUK ransomware
  • Ongoing group activity and new malware
  • What separates FIN12 from other ransomware actors
  • How FIN12 relates to other clusters of activity

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