Digital Risk Protection: Strengthen Your Cyber Risk Profile with Mandiant

Aug 11, 2022
55 Min

Title: Strengthen Your Cyber Risk Profile with Mandiant

Presenters: Joshua Bass, Director, Product Management & TJ Alldridge, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Time: On-Demand


If you could predict the future, your job as a security professional would be much easier. You’d know who is planning to attack you, what they are looking for, and how they plan to infiltrate your defenses.

A digital risk protection solution gives you visibility into your global attack surface and dark web activity. It lets you neutralize threat actor campaigns before they impact your operations. In this session, Mandiant experts share how Mandiant solutions enable digital risk protection, by:

  • Building a complete cyber threat profile
  • Monitoring the open, deep and dark web for malicious chatter with Digital Threat Monitoring
  • Using Threat Intelligence to understand threat actor TTPs and prioritize investments
  • Increasing visibility across your global attack surface with Attack Surface Management

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