Take Control of Your Cyber Defense with The Defender’s Advantage Series, Part 1

Aug 23, 2023

Title: Take Control of Your Cyber Defense with The Defender’s Advantage Series, Part 1

Presenters: Kerry Matre, Sr. Director, Product, Solutions Marketing, Mandiant, Jennifer Guzzetta, Sr. Product Marketing Mgr, Mandiant

Date and Time: On-Demand


Learn how to activate the six critical functions of Cyber Defense to optimize your security program in the face of harmful adversaries. Building a best-in-class cyber defense organization will provide confidence in your ability to protect, defend and respond to sophisticated [and inevitable] threats that can cripple business operations.

As outlined in Mandiant’s award-winning book,“The Defender’s Advantage” organizations are defending against adversaries within their very own environment. Because the defender owns the environment in which they go head-to-head with these ruthless attackers, it’s important to remember that the defender has a fundamental advantage–however many organizations struggle to capitalize on it.

This multipart webinar series will provide helpful insights and best practices surrounding the six critical functions of cyber defense that make up The Defender’s Advantage.

Register for this first session to receive an executive overview of The Defender’s Advantage and its six critical functions of cyber defense—Threat Intelligence, Command and Control, Detect, Validate, Respond and Hunt. Each of these functions represents different responsibilities focused on distinctive goals, while collectively working together to rapidly identify and effectively respond to threats.

Who should attend:


Cyber Defense Directors

SOC Managers

Seasoned and new Cybersecurity Practitioners

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