Tap Into DHS Cyber Grants Funding to Strengthen State & Local Infrastructure

May 18, 2022
21 Min

Title: Tap Into DHS Cyber Grants Funding to Strengthen State & Local Infrastructure

Presenters: Stacy O’Mara, Director, Gov. Affairs; Luke McNamara, Principal, Mandiant Intelligence; Sean Murphy, Sr. Dir Sales Engineering

Date: On-Demand


The Biden Administration recently issued a statement warning of potential cyberattacks against U.S. organizations, as tensions rise between Russia and the rest of the world. Potential attacks to state and local critical infrastructure would disrupt the lives of millions of Americans, affecting lifeline services such as power, water, healthcare services, and supply chains.

State, tribal and municipal government organizations need clear visibility into their risks and interconnected assets, IT governance and more. The federal government is zeroing in on what governors and mayors can do right now to protect their citizens, including funds available to strengthen cyber posture.

Join us as we share steps state, local and tribal governments can take to:

  • Understand the current threat environment and associated risks to government infrastructure
  • Learn about the cyber security baseline every state executive should be able to answer as described in the March 30th letter to every governor from the Biden Administration
  • Access CISA Shields up, a repository of services, advisories, guidance, and best practices to help states get started strengthening their cyber security posture
  • Tap into $1B DHS Grants funding to protect state infrastructure through 2025
  • Get started for free today with Mandiant Intel and Services

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