Threat Intel for Computer Network Defence, Focus on Iran

Sep 08, 2020
60 Min

Title: Threat Intel for Computer Network Defence, Focus on Iran

Presenters: Dan Caban, Manager Professional Services Consulting, Mandiant & Hussein Khalifa, Senior Consultant, Mandiant

Date: On-Demand


Operationalising Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) helps mitigate risk by focusing people, processes, and technology on the threat activity that matters. Above all, it allows organisations to take a more proactive, structured, and holistic approach to security that reduces dwell time and shortens the time frame from detection to remediation. In today's dynamic threat environment, CTI it is critical to ensure you have an understanding of the adversaries you are hunting for and responding to.

Join us as we look specifically at how cyber threat intelligence can help improve computer network defence (CND) operations. Our experts will share:

  • A review of FireEye’s Iranian relevant threat intelligence
  • Case studies that:
  • will provide examples of how Mandiant incident response consultants operationalise threat intelligence when responding to intrusions
  • will examine how operators can pivot from intelligence reporting to high confidence alerting and targeted threat hunting
  • Along with the MITRE ATT&CK framework to help decision makers improve their overall network security posture by prioritising security investments based on adversary capabilities
  • How intelligence enhances your overall cyber security investment and places your operations ahead of the threat

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