Threats! Exposures! Oh, my! How to Scope the Threat Landscape to Make Intelligence-led Decisions

Jun 08, 2023
60 Min
cyber risk
Attack Surface Management
Threat Intelligence

Title: Threats! Exposures! Oh, my!

Subtitle: How to understand the threat landscape and make intelligence-led decisions

Presenters: David Sutton, Principal Intelligence Consultant; Megan DeBlois, Product Manager

Date and Time: On Demand

To proactively mitigate risks from cyber exposures, you need to know who's targeting you and what you need to protect. Yet, many don’t know where to start.

Join David Sutton and Megan DeBlois for a live discussion on Mandiant’s approach to scoping the cyber threat landscape and how it can help you make more intelligence-led decisions. David and Megan will cover:

  • How to scope the threat landscape
  • The types of intelligence sources needed
  • How to successfully operationalize intelligence across the security stack
  • The positive impacts of making intelligence-led decisions

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