Understanding Multifaceted Extortion Attacks & How to Protect Against Them

Sep 16, 2021
55 Min

Title: Understanding Multifaceted Extortion Attacks & How to Protect Against Them

Presenters: Evan Pena, Director, Mandiant; Nick Bennett, Vice President, Mandiant


Understanding Multifaceted Extortion Attacks and How to Protect Against Them Organizations across all industries are facing devastating threats to their day-to-day operations from opportunistic cyber criminals and nation-state actors. They have mastered ransomware deployment and evolved their tactics to multifaceted extortion—some resulting in million-dollar payouts, damaged reputation, and ongoing loss of operational capacity.

To prevail against these threat actors, security teams must understand attacker motivations and behaviors and discover how to further improve detection, prevention, and response capabilities. In this webinar, Mandiant representatives Evan Pena, Director, and Nick Bennett, Vice President, discuss:

  • Best practices for preventing the deployment of ransomware and multifaceted extortion attacks in your environment
  • Use cases that spotlight effective and actionable techniques to reduce the risk of these attacks
  • Insights on the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by real-world threat actors as seen on the frontlines

There are no rules of engagement for these attackers, so let’s be sure to stay one step ahead of them.

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