Uplevel Your Security with Digital Risk Protection

Aug 04, 2022
59 Min

Title: Uplevel Your Security with Digital Risk Protection

Presenters: Joshua Bass, Director, Product Management & TJ Alldridge, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Time: On-Demand


With more frequent and sophisticated cyber-attacks, organizations face increased risk of missing critical threats. At the same time, the ability to find and retain expertise across cyber security functions continues to impact an organization's ability to implement effective cyber defenses.

Learn how a digital risk protection solution helps you identify who is targeting you, what they’re after and how they plan to compromise you, giving you an early warning to proactively adjust your defenses.

In this webinar, Mandiant experts will explain the critical elements of digital risk protection and how it helps you mitigate cyber risk, by:

  • Knowing who is targeting you and how they are planning to compromise you
  • Seeing what potential attackers are targeting with increased visibility across your organization and supply chain
  • Understanding threat actor methods and tools to prioritize your defensive actions

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