Uplift Your Security Defense from IT to OT with Microsoft and Mandiant

Nov 10, 2021
53 Min
Internet of Things (IoT)
Operational Technology

Title: Uplift Your Security Defense from IT to OT

Presenters: Rob Caldwell, Director, ICS and OT Services, Mandiant; Richard Diver, Sr. Tech Business Strategy Mgr., Microsoft


As more companies work to interconnect IT to IoT/OT, new cyber and operational risks are multiplying. Aligning your security capabilities to monitor, detect and respond across IT, IoT and OT assets is critical to improving security operations and detecting threats in real-time.  You need a solution that efficiently augments your security tech stack and equips you with threat intelligence and OT security expertise to defend against today’s sophisticated attackers. Our Mandiant and Microsoft experts will guide you through how to up level your IT to OT security by identifying how to prevent disruption from cyber attack by fusing technology with talent to naturally extend your security team.

Key components:

  • Technology – extend your Microsoft investment by implementing Azure Defender for IoT 
  • Intelligence – lead with an “intelligence-led” security approach with the combination of Microsoft technology with proven Mandiant threat intelligence tailored to your distinct industry profile.
  • People – bring in Mandiant experts who routinely protect critical infrastructure to optimize your security operation


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