Validating Security Effectiveness with an Evidence-based Approach

May 14, 2020
51 Min

Cybersecurity spending must be tied to business relevance - protecting business continuity, protecting critical assets, rationalizing investments, and demonstrating compliance with regulatory mandates. This is accomplished through an effective security validation program that utilizes automation and an intelligence-driven approach to mitigate risk, optimize controls, and communicate value.

Join Brian Contos, VP Technology Innovation| FireEye Mandiant and Jeff Vinson, CISO & VP |Harris Health System as they discuss how Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin) helps organizations automate real-time monitoring by leverage an intelligence-driven methodology to maximize the value and mitigate risk.

In the session they will discuss:

  • Delivering value for security teams and executives
  • Leveraging automation, real-time monitoring and input from threat intelligence and incident response for an effective security program
  • Managing the impacts of COVID-19 on your security team

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