VS21 Eliminate Uncertainty with Security Validation

Apr 13, 2021
30 Min

If you can measure it, you can improve it. One major challenge for cyber security teams is establishing a measurable process of validating their security operations to be able to identify gaps in detection coverage and areas of redundancy to provide specific areas of improvement including potential saving across your security controls.

This webinar will discuss how to:

  • Operationalize Threat Intelligence: Ensure your security controls stand up to the latest tactics, techniques and procedures used by threat actors in your region and industry.
  • Plan security improvements: From both a technology and process perspective.
  • Establish evidence-based KPIs to improve security controls.
  • Report the organization’s ability to mitigate pertinent cyber risks to senior stakeholders Join this session to uncover how security validation proves the value of your efforts and ultimately reinforces your organization’s security posture.

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