VS21 How to Proactively Prepare to Defend Against Threats that Matter

Apr 12, 2021
48 Min

Know Your Enemy and Know Yourself: How to Proactively Prepare to Defend Against Threats that Matter

Security teams are under constant pressure to know their adversaries and the attack tactics they use, and prioritize resources to protect the organization. This is best achieved with expert intelligence about what matters right now, combined with data-driven detection and response and a clear picture of how security controls perform.

Join Mandiant for a discussion about how relevant breach intelligence delivered in a scalable and consistent manner empowers you to prioritize your organization’s security focus and build an effective detection and response operation. When combined with validation of security performance, you’re able to measure and strengthen the health of your security infrastructure and protect against the worst cyber offenders.

Attend this session to discover:

  • How to operationalize threat intelligence to understand relevant threats and attack techniques targeted at your organization
  • Best practices for validating performance of security controls, people, and processes to determine where to prioritize focus
  • The importance of automation and expert managed services across all capabilities to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and strengthen security

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