VS21: Ransomware: Predictions for 2021

Apr 14, 2021
48 Min

Title: VS21: Ransomware: Predictions for 2021

Presenters: Yihao Lim | Principal Intelligence Enablement Consultant, Mandiant Threat Intelligence, Asia Pacific

Event Details: On-Demand


Financially motivated threat actors continue to evolve their ransomware tactics with new innovations that increase the potential damage of these infections. With no sign of slowing, these attacks are disruptive and costly and have a potentially far-reaching and pervasive impact on economies and societies, particularly when considering disruptions to healthcare or industrial facilities that could endanger lives.

This session will offer:

  • A discussion of how ransomware has evolved and where it's headed
  • Lessons learned and observations from 2020
  • An outlook on new strategies, tactics, and tools threat actors will employ in 2021 and beyond

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