VS21 The Top Cyber Trends and Attacks: A First Look at M-Trends 2021

Apr 12, 2021
57 Min

The annual M-Trends report from FireEye Mandiant has served as a reliable source of frontline evidence and thought leadership for security professionals for more than a decade. This highly sought-after report provides timely data and insights based on global investigations of high-impact cyber attacks and remediations.

Join Mandiant experts for a first look into the latest incident response metrics, attacker trends and behaviors, and case study highlights from the 2021 report. This session will feature expert analysis and commentary on critical topics including:

  • Ransomware Trends and Remediation Techniques
  • SUNBURST / UNC2452 Investigation Insights
  • Enhanced Red Teaming Tactics
  • Growing Insider Threats
  • And much more

This session is recommended as a pre- or post-cursor to By the Numbers: M-Trends 2021 webinar.

Expert panelists: Steven Stone, Sr. Director, Advanced Practices, FireEye Mandiant; Scott Runnels, Tech. Director, Mandiant; Genevieve Stark, Sr. Analyst, Mandiant; Moderator: Jennifer Guzzetta, Sr. PMM, Mandiant Services

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