VS21 Vigilance in An Era When Ransomware Is Big Business

Apr 13, 2021
58 Min

Ransomware has become big business with targets spanning organizations across industries. If you are attacked, the cost to your organization could total more than $1 million. This session will offer valuable insights and recommendations on how you can best protect your company and assets, remain ever vigilant and be able to respond across any infected device or server you manage.

In this session you will learn about:

The tactics attackers use to find their targets and begin the attack

Tools you can use to stop a ransomware attack in its tracks

Best practices to prevent and mitigate ransomware and reduce the cost to your organization


James Beeson, Senior Vice President and Global CISO, Cigna

Evan Pena, Director of Consulting, Mandiant

Matt Bromiley, Senior Principal Consultant, Mandiant

Robert Kusters, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cloud Endpoint

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