What is a Next Generation MSSP?

Aug 25, 2020
32 Min

Title: What is a Next Generation MSSP?

Presenters: Travis Abrams, Principal of CyberPeak Solutions & Mike Epplin, Solutions Architect at Respond Software

Date: On-Demand


As the cybersecurity threat landscape becomes more complex, organizations are struggling to keep their data and applications secure. Many are considering the use of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to help them address the myriad of security issues and events they are tasked to manage. However, finding the right MSSP partner is not always a straightforward or simple endeavor.

Organizations must consider many alternatives when deciding on an MSSP, including:

  • What are the typical cybersecurity challenges that small to medium businesses face and how are they being addressed by MSSPs?
  • How can these organizations afford to hire an MSSP within the constraints of a tight budget?
  • What attributes do organizations need to consider when evaluating an MSSP and what kinds of benefits should an organization expect from them?
  • What does a next-gen MSSP look like and why is that important?

Join this webcast and learn how CyberPeak and Respond Software are answering these key questions in helping you find the right cybersecurity partner for you.

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