Five Critical Steps to Prove the Return on Security Investments

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The effectiveness of a company’s cyber security program is no longer simply about protection of assets; it also plays a critical role in business continuity and profitability. As such, continuous validation of security performance and its value to the business is needed by IT leadership as well as CEOs, boards of directors and shareholders, who need evidence that the company is achieving its accepted level of risk.

Security Validation for Security Effectiveness – Five Critical Steps to Prove the Return on Security Investments covers the actions that each play an important role in the ability for companies to fully validate the performance of security technology, people and processes, and outlines key considerations and required capabilities for each. The five steps include:

  1. Prioritize what you are going to measure based on relevant and timely cyber threat intelligence
  2. Measure where you are today
  3. Optimize your environment as informed by the identified gaps
  4. Rationalize your portfolio and processes to eliminate redundancies
  5. Monitor your environment continuously against a known good baseline

The measurable benefits of continuous security validation can have a positive impact on mergers and acquisitions, hiring and training of security talent, brand reputation, data privacy and protection – and ultimately the bottom line.

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