Continuously validate and measure the effectiveness of your cybersecurity controls

Mandiant Security Validation Cyber Security Risk Assessment Demo

Security Validation taps into the Mandiant Intel Grid to get the latest threat intelligence on threat actor TTPs and automates a testing program that gives you real data on how your security controls are performing.

  • Prove the value of security.
  • Safely test your security controls against active attack behaviors to prove effectiveness.  
  • Prioritize resources.
  • Reduce risk by identifying gaps, misconfigurations, and opportunities for optimization across your security environment.   
  • Protect against changes in IT.
  • Capture quantifiable data required to prove the value of your security investments. 

Request a demo and learn how your organization can optimize your environment and make the right investments in the future. 

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Know the true measure of your security

Mandiant Security Validation challenges your security controls with relevant, active attacker TTPs to give you visibility into how your controls behave during an attack and provide quantitative data on the effectiveness of these controls. By authentically testing across the entire security stack and the full attack lifecycle, the solution provides quantifiable data required to prioritize resources, optimize your environment, and make the right investments for the future. 

The Mandiant Security Validation difference:

  • Real attacks, not simulations
  • Threat actor-based prioritization
  • Automated monitoring of environment drift
  • Complete attack lifecycle visibility
  • Safe execution of destructive attacks (malware and ransomware)