Looking Forward to RSA®C 2023

Mandiant will be at RSA Conference 2023 to showcase its latest findings and have experts on hand for face-to-face discussions. In the meantime, check out our updates from a successful RSA Conference 2022.

RSA Security Conference

RSA Security Conference 2022 in Review

At the 2022 RSAC event, visitors heard our experts discuss recent changes in the current threat landscape and gathered around demo stations to learn more about our products and services. RSAC estimated 26,000 in-person visitors and more online; Mandiant was one of the most active booths at the event. Read further to catch up on keynote sessions you may have missed at the RSAC trade show and uncover insights that will inspire your team to stay relentless in their mission to secure your organization.

RSA Building Cyber Threats

Building trust in a zero-trust world to confront tomorrow’s cyber threats

The keynote panel featuring Mandiant CEO Kevin Mandia, with Jen Easterly, Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and Sudhakar Ramakrishna, President and CEO, SolarWinds, was one of the highlights from the RSA Conference. Discussing the growth of zero-day capabilities and the changing profile of attackers behind them, the panel reveal how increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks are leveraging an inherent vulnerability in mobile devices, with real-world impact.

RSA Anticipate Threats Image

Anticipate threats and uncover data leaks

Digital Threat Monitoring, now available through Mandiant Advantage, delivers visibility across the open, deep and dark web, to give organizations access into underground marketplaces, paste sites, blogs, social media, forums and malware repositories. Using our industry leading threat intelligence, security teams can anticipate attacks and detect unknown data or credential leaks. Visitors at the RSA Conference participated in live demonstrations. To see it for yourself, contact a member of our team.

RSA Global Threat

Global threat brief: Hacks and adversaries unveiled

Our Executive Vice President Sandra Joyce took to the stage at the RSA Conference with Dmitri Alperovitch, Chairman, Silverado Policy Accelerator to present further detail behind some of the newest attacks from nation state actors in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Using specific, real-time examples of threat actor activity, Sandra and Dmitri presented their views on the current global landscape, the impact on incident response teams and strategic advice for countering these threats.

Close the loop on your digital risk protection strategy

At the RSAC event, Mandiant introduced a comprehensive digital risk protection solution available as a self-managed SaaS product or managed service to help you stay relentless in the fight to protect your digital assets, supply chain and brand. The solution offers an intelligence-led view of your organization’s global attack surface, including activity that may impact your business on the deep and dark web.

RSA Multifaceted Extortion

Multifaceted extortion: An insider look at ransom payments and cyber defense

The Mandiant M-Trends 2022 report revealed that 23% of global ransomware investigations undertaken by our experts involved an incident where a threat actor deployed ransomware encryptors to extort the victim. In their presentation at RSA Conference, Nick Bennet, VP Mandiant Consulting and David Wong VP, Mandiant, used case studies and business insights to deliver important lessons learned from the frontlines of incident response.

The Defender’s Advantage Cyber Snapshot
New Report

4 critical topics in cyber defense today

The Defender’s Advantage Cyber Snapshot report delivers insights into today’s top cyber defense topics based on Mandiant frontline observations and real-world experience.

  • Common internet-facing vulnerabilities
  • Threats to operational technologies (OT) and ICS networks
  • Cyber security risks associated with mergers and acquisitions
  • The unique challenges in protecting elections and major events