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Access free on-demand cyber defense training courses to advance your understanding of the six critical functions of cyber defense and learn how to activate them in your organization. This expert training is based on a new book published by Mandiant, titled The Defender’s Advantage, written by frontline cyber security experts from Mandiant’s strategic consulting and threat intelligence teams.

Available Courses

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Course Title Description Format  
What is Cyber Defense? Learn the six critical functions of Cyber Defense and how they work together to protect an organization. On Demand (Free) Access course
Intelligence is the Guiding Light Hear how threat intelligence drives the other functions of Cyber Defense. On Demand (Free) Access course
Hunting for Active Threats Find evidence of compromise by ascribing to the adversary mindset and walking through a formal hunt process. On Demand (Free) Access course
Detecting and Investigating Malicious Activity Learn how to wade through event overload to identify higher-prority security events and gather context for an investigation. On Demand (Free) Access Course
Maintaining the Mission with Command and Control Learn how this function keeps the capabilities aligned to the Cyber Defense mission and orchestrates communications. On Demand (Free) Notify me
Responding to Compromise Hear how to respond to, and fully remediate an incident to prevent a repeat attack or missed intrusions. On Demand (Free) Notify me
Targeted Testing and Validation Learn how to prove the value of a Cyber Defense organization through testing and validation of controls, process and people. On Demand (Free) Notify me
Activating Cyber Defense Pull together the six critical functions of Cyber Defense and hear how to not only implement, but galvanize them in an organization. On Demand (Free) Notify me
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Mandiant Academy™

Continue your learning journey with hands-on enterprise incident response and preparedness, malware analysis, cyber security fundamentals, intelligence and attribution, advanced acquisition and testing techniques, and threat intelligence operations. training from Mandiant Academy.

And if you’re ready to take your cyber security education to the next level, check out our Mandiant Academy Certifications Program that will help evaluate and improve your capabilities in incident response and threat intelligence analysis.

Explore Mandiant Advantage Modules

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Understand the threats Mandiant sees targeting you and your peers.

Attack Surface Management

Icon attack Surface Management

See your organization through the eyes of the attacker.

Security Validation

Icon Security Validation

Continuously test and understand the effectiveness of your security controls.

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