Case Study

IT Security Services Supplier Datacom Enhances Security Capabilities with Mandiant

Leading IT vendor uplevels intelligence with Mandiant.


Improved intelligence for a growing security services team

After reorganizing its security services division, Datacom, a leading Asia Pacific IT services provider, selected Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence to enhance its visibility into the global threat landscape. The team is now able to better identify genuine threats—and help its customers address them.



Ensuring rapid identification, response and recovery


Reduced both internally and on behalf of customers


Mature security capabilities underpin support for high-risk sectors

“Organisations strive to be proactively secure. We enable preventative security and improved visibility by providing constant threat intelligence and monitoring.”

               —Matthew Evetts, Director Connectivity & Security, Datacom


IT services need strong security capabilities to meet emerging customer needs

Datacom is proud of its local focus—and with good reason. Launched over 50 years ago in New Zealand, the company grew into a major IT supplier serving public- and private-sector companies throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Datacom has increasingly focused on growing its security services. In 2020, it consolidated multiple security teams into a single function, over the next year it increased the security team’s size by 60 percent and entrusted this part of the organization with providing high-quality security services to Datacom customers.

To fulfill this mission, the Datacom security division must operate at the cutting edge of security capabilities. It must also be cost-effective, while never sacrificing effectiveness or service quality.

Datacom knows that if its systems, or the systems it manages on behalf of its customers, suffer a major security breach, the penalties could be severe, including loss of customer trust and damage to its reputation and brand.


Augmenting internal capabilities with Mandiant Threat Intelligence

Datacom uses Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence to empower its security professionals. The Mandiant offering complements open-source, government, and other data feeds Datacom monitors. The Mandiant threat intelligence service delivers a global view on threat landscapes, enabling Datacom to monitor threats that originate outside its primary Australasian market base.

Mandiant Threat Intelligence elevates Datacom’s threat monitoring capabilities. Their cybersecurity professionals can filter through the noise faster and more effectively, ensuring their customers are more secure. Partnering with Mandiant means Datacom customers can focus on what they do best.

As a result, Datacom is positioned to expand its business and enter new markets. “Our Mandiant partnership helps us create the top-shelf services that our customers need,” Evetts says. “It’s part of what we need to grow our footprint in the cyber defense sector, and to grow business with customers that carry a higher risk profile.”

“With Mandiant Threat Intelligence, we spend less time evaluating whether threats are genuine—which means we can focus more effectively on hardening defenses and responding to attacks.”

               —Matthew Evetts, Director Connectivity & Security, Datacom


Better positioned to help customers reduce risk and manage impacts of attacks

Partnering with Mandiant has enabled Datacom to broaden its visibility into security issues and better equip its professionals to protect customers from potential threats and breaches.

Mandiant Threat Intelligence provides Datacom’s security division with information they use to protect its customers and help them better remediate a cyber attack. The company’s security professionals can use this intelligence to quickly identify noise, clearing the way to respond more quickly to actual threats.

Datacom is also using Mandiant Breach Intelligence to ensure they provide leading security capabilities, including to high-risk customers. This means they are growing and maturing with the everchanging threat landscape to provide organisations with optimal services and support, regardless of a customer’s risk profile.


Regional IT services provider with a world-class reputation

Datacom is Australasia's largest home-grown tech company with over 6,500 staff in 24 locations around the globe, the company works with a full range of clients, from small start-ups through to government agencies and multinational corporations, to explore and extract the hidden value in their systems.

Datacom designs, builds, and runs IT systems and processes across operations, cybersecurity, cloud, digital platforms, payroll, and enterprise applications. The organization delivers customer care services and operates mission-critical infrastructure with data centre facilities.

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