Security Validation

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CISOs must prove their security defenses are effective against today’s cyber threats

CISOs and their teams are tasked to secure corporate assets and protect the financial posture and brand value of their organizations. They must prove to leadership the value of their cyber security investments and their ability to protect critical systems.

Lacking the tools needed to validate the effectiveness of security, quantify risk, and exhibit operational competency, many rely on vulnerability scanners, penetration tests, red teams or breach and attack simulation approaches. But these approaches do not sufficiently assess effectiveness or provide relevant, timely insights into specific, high-priority threats.

Mandiant Advantage Security Validation, informed by Mandiant frontline intelligence, can automate a testing program to give you real data on how your security controls are performing. This solution provides visibility and evidence on how well your security controls work against threats targeting your organization and quantifiable data to direct improvements to your security environment. Security Validation enables security teams to emulate real attack behaviors against security controls authentically throughout the attack lifecycle and the entire security stack.