Threat Intelligence: Threat Actors, Their Tactics & Their Targets

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Finite resources and the continual urgency to prioritize alerts and make effective decisions puts many security teams under increasing pressure. One wrong decision at a strategic or operational level can impact the business with costly consequences.

Mandiant’s data collection, expert staff, highly specialized teams and unique tracking of actors provide organizations with meaningful context on the threats relevant to their business. Delivering a 360° view of threat actors, their tactics and their targets, Mandiant Advantage helps security teams worldwide with defense strategies to protect their organizations from stealthy, fast-moving adversaries regardless of technical security controls.

Get your copy of the ebook to learn more about how Mandiant Advantage threat insights that can deliver unparalleled threat intelligence with:

  • Breach intelligence collected via real-world incident response engagements
  • Operational intelligence derived from Mandiant security operations centers
  • Adversarial intelligence obtained by Mandiant researchers
  • Machine intelligence from security products