VS21 Hacking your Operational Technology for Defense

Apr 12, 2021
56 Min
Supply Chain

Ransomware, supply chain attacks and other threats don’t just affect IT networks. Operational Technology (OT), including Industrial Control Systems (ICS), are increasingly being targeted by attackers and nation state groups. With critical infrastructure and public services at stake, OT Security teams must increasingly adopt cyber security strategies from IT Security, such as red teaming and penetration testing, to prevent and respond to these threats. 

Join Rob Caldwell, Director of ICS Consulting at Mandiant, Jeff Greene CISO at International Paper and Daniel Kapellmann, Tech Analysis Manager, Mandiant to learn: 

  • How Mandiant Offensive Security teams gained access to an electric utility 
  • The importance of OT cyber physical threat intelligence in protecting OT networks 
  • How IT network security plays a critical role in protecting the OT segment 
  • How International Paper leverages technology and expertise to improve their OT security posture

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