Cyber Security Validation for Security Effectiveness

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141 days

Is the median dwell time for external attacks and 30 days for internal attacks


Of global compromises were identified by external sources in 2019


Of attacks reported by Mandiant professionals in 2019 were for direct financial gain

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Security Effectiveness Strategies

Staying ahead of an evolving threat landscape requires continuous improvement in processes and technology. Learn how to adapt your security strategy including the importance of having access to relevant threat intelligence and using validation technology to defend against sophisticated threat actors.

Deep Dive into Cyber Reality

The latest Mandiant research reports that 53% attacks successfully infiltrate an enterprise organization’s defenses unnoticed. Read the security effectiveness report or join our webinar for insights into the reality facing enterprise organizations including:

  • The key metrics that every executive should care about based on thousands of attacks against 123 market leading security technologies.
  • How an evidence-based approach will help you generate ongoing proof of security effectiveness.
  • How to simplify and standardize your security stack.
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Security Validation for Security Effectiveness: Five Critical Steps to Prove the Return on Security Investments

This white paper covers the actions that each play an important role in the ability for companies to fully validate the performance of security technology, people and processes, and outlines key considerations and required capabilities for each.

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Cyber Security Rationalization: How IT and Finance Can Join Forces to Address Organizational Risk

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Proving Security Effectiveness to Your CISO, CFO and Board

"Adopting the Mandiant Security Validation platform enables us to identify potential security vulnerabilities and to validate the quality of our protection in almost real time."

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