Executive Cybersecurity Services

Mandiant Cybersecurity Executive Services provide frontline expertise, tailored  mentorship, and hands-on guidance for CISOs and senior leaders to achieve risk reduction goals, prepare for inevitable incidents, and communicate with non-security executives and board members.

Executive Cyber Security Services

Unique challenges faced by CISOs, Executives, and Boards

While CISOs are well-versed in cybersecurity, the understanding of cybersecurity topics by other senior leaders is often lacking. Communications with CxO level executives are often ineffective due to a disconnect between the material presented regarding unique threats and risks to the organization, along with meaningful metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs),  and expected outcomes. Additionally, even the most experienced CISOs benefit from outside perspective and assistance with high priority projects and breach management to ensure mission success.

KPIs and Metrics

Develop meaningful KPIs and metrics to effectively debrief and educate senior leaders and the board 


Advance communication approaches to provide executive audiences and boards with the information they need to make risk-based decisions

Breach Management

Develop and fine tune Incident Response and Crisis Communication playbooks to prepare for a worst case scenario or level up capabilities during a breach

How Mandiant Helps Address This Challenge:

Mandiant helps CISOs and executives  address these challenges by providing executive services ranging from board communications and executive KPIs to tactical engagements and tailored mentorship.  

Prime your executives for cybersecurity imperatives

Virtual CISO/vCISO Image

Virtual CISO/vCISO

Whether looking to temporarily fill a CISO role while identifying a permanent resource, or bolstering your seasoned CISO’s capabilities with expert guidance, Mandiant can help. Mandiant provides Virtual CISOs (vCISOs) to fill gaps and enhance existing security program effectiveness where needed.

Senior Executive Mentorship Program

Senior Executive Mentorship Program

Uplevel the knowledge of your senior leaders about critical cybersecurity concepts including international cyber law, the evolving role of government in cybersecurity operations, and the use of cyber threat intelligence as a force multiplier to enable their ability to further limit business and organizational risk. 

Ready your executives for a breach

Tabletop Exercise Executive Image

Tabletop Exercises for Executives

Evaluate your organization’s cyber incident response and crisis communications processes and capabilities from the executive perspective. Our experts will walk through multiple real-world scenarios with your leadership team in a roundtable environment to assess  the organization’s proficiency in decision making and breach response.

Crisis Communications Planning

Crisis Communications Planning

During an incident, internal and external communications can have a bigger impact on brand reputation than navigating the technical response itself. For this reason, Mandiant provides crisis communications playbook development to help clients focus on strategic communications that keep relevant stakeholders informed and bring light to the unknown communication risks that occur as an incident unfolds. 

Understand specific threats to your organization

Weekly Executive Intelligence Briefings

Security teams and leaders are responsible for  educating and informing their business stakeholders on the latest attacker trends and potential incoming threats to help  improve risk mitigation efforts and drive security investments . By sharing information more effectively, better decisions are made together.

Cyber Threat Profile Development

Cyber Threat Profile Development

Develop a composite picture of the most relevant cyber threats to your organization and learn how those threats can materialize to impact you and your partners, now and in the future. This approach is an essential part of an intelligence-led security strategy to significantly reduce cyber risks. 

Achieve cybersecurity initiatives faster

Cybersecurity Program Accelerators

Cybersecurity Program Accelerators

Is your risk-reduction to-do list collecting dust? Mandiant consultants can help to quickly reduce this backlog with workflow prioritization guidance,  expertise in a given cybersecurity competency, or process maturity improvement plans to ensure repeatability along your digital transformation journey.

Executive Cybersecurity Services FAQ

What is a vCISO/Virtual CISO? expand_more

A vCISO is a former CISO who leverages their years of cybersecurity experience to assist other organizations in developing and managing their cybersecurity program.

How can tabletop exercises help your cyber defense transformation? expand_more

Tabletop exercises walk though Incident response plans for various scenarios to Identify gaps in the playbooks or communication breakdowns. These activities help Inform where transformation focus Is needed.